Liberty Foam Foaming Hand Sanitizer
sanitize with essential oils

Liberty Foam™

Liberty Foam™ Cleansing Hand Sanitizer provides a safe way to cleanse and kill germs without the use of harsh chemicals and alcohol. Enriched with essential oils, all-natural ingredients and nourishing lotions, Liberty Foam keeps skin feeling soft while creating a protective barrier to fight common germs

We are an innovative company

with a history of mechanical, electrical, chemical and biological experience. We put all of that together to create a natural hand sanitizer. Learn more About Us.

Natural Ingredients

include soybean oil, castor oil, coconut oil, and nutmeg oil. Lye is used to facilitate the saponification reaction, and all is consumed. Finally, borax (mined from the Earth) and distilled water (extracted from the air).

Powerful Sanitation

based on the same amphiphilic technology recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (USA) and the World Health Organization (UN). At least as powerful as any other alcohol based hand rub. Even more so if left on your hands for more than 20 seconds.

Liberty Foam™ Hand Sanitizers

About Us

Liberty Foam Hand Sanitizer was developed and created by Steve Davis, who grew the manufacturing company from his garage in Ohio into an international firm. The Great Recession of 2008 hit manufacturing hard.  So Steve developed some new products. One product was a hand cleaner that wouldn’t hurt their hands, like so many other hand cleaners. That product was UE.  A powerful cleaner without abrasives and harsh chemicals.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Steve adjusted the recipe to create a hand-sanitizing foam loaded with natural moisturizers.

Result – Liberty Foam™, an alcohol-free hand sanitizer that kills bacteria and viruses, softens your hands, and gets out even the most stubborn grease and grime.

All the best,

All of us from Liberty-Foam™, a UE Brand