Welcome to the Hand Sanitizer Revolution

Liberty-Foam has been engineered to kill, remove, and disable all germs and viruses without using synthetic chemicals or alcohol.  Enriched with essential oils, it’s possible to sanitize and moisturize your skin at the same time.  Even more liberating is that fact that you are using a concentrated product with all-natural ingredients, meaning that you are helping the planet and reducing your carbon footprint.  Liberate your hand sanitizer today.  Try Liberty-Foam, the sanitizer for the 21st century.

It kills germs, just as good as alcohol, maybe even better.

It acts as a lotion, getting absorbed into your skin making it smoother, more supple. 

It’s easy to apply as a foam, just as easy as any alcohol gel.

Who We Are

We are an innovative company with a history of mechanical, electrical, chemical and biological experience. We put all of that together to create a natural hand sanitizer. Learn more About Us.

Natural Ingredients

Ingredients include soybean oil, castor oil, coconut oil, and nutmeg oil. Lye is used to facilitate the saponification reaction, and all is consumed. Learn more about our Natural Ingredients

Proving It Works

Here’s what the CDC says: Time is the most important - rub your hands thoroughly for 20-30 seconds. More is better. Soap is your first choice. Here's more proof.

History of Sanitation

Before the 19th century people took dirt off their hands with soap.... Starting in the 19th century, a doctor started sanitizing his hands in bleach...But it was tough on his skin. Find out more about the History of Sanitation

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About Our Company

Liberty Foam was invented and developed by Steve Davis in Cleveland, Ohio. After growing an industrial manufacturing company from his one-car garage into an internationally-recognized product, the great recession hit and he had to get creative. One thing he knew about his customers – machinists – was that handling chemicals and washing with abrasive cleaners hurt their hands. So he set out to create a sanitizer that was equally strong but also natural and nonabrasive.

Not only did our customers love it, but so did their partners, wives, and girlfriends! Their skin was noticeably softer and stronger.

All sanitizers are handcrafted in small batches in our factory in Solon, OH. We use only natural ingredients, and food-grade essential oils. Inherently, our sanitizer is vegan, natural, gluten-free, and cruelty-free.

We take pride in the fact that our product is truly natural, and naturally powerful. Use it as a waterless cleanser, as lotion, and try it on your toughest stains. And let us know what you think! We love to hear from you.

All the best,

All of us from Liberty Foam


Natural Ingredients

We're asked often about what's the magic ingredient in our soap, and we can't answer that.

It's not because we are holding back our secrets.

It's because we don't know. It has something to do with Mother Nature and how she allows us to make soap.

Here is a complete list of our ingredients. If you're a competitor, we aren't going to tell you how much we use or how it's prepared. After all, we like our jobs.

But if you're using our products, we think you'll appreciate the details. We are committed to using all-natural products as much as we can. We're also committed to buying sustainably, and organically as possible. So here we go in alphabetical order:

  • Borax
    • This is an oldie but a goodie. Using borax for cleaning is as natural as you can get, because it's a mineral found in nature. Some places have so much of it that it forms mountains. Legend has it that streams running through borax mountains became famous as places to wash clothing.
  • Castor oils
    • This is one of our "secret" ingredients, and quite an underrated natural ingredient. It has a reputation for making people gag, but there's a whole lot of goodness going on in those complex oils.
  • Coconut oils
    • Coconuts are the fruits (drupes) of a plant that enjoys a lot of sunlight. There's something about the feel and the smell of coconut oils that feels sunny.
  • Nutmeg oils
    • This is another one of our "secret" ingredients that isn't appreciated enough. We normally enjoy nutmeg as a spice, ground finely into our holiday egg nog. (I have a killer recipe for egg nog, by the way.)
  • Potash (potasium hydroxide, or lye, or KOH for chemists)
  • Soybean oils
    • This is a staple of so many products, and goes a long way to helping us make a sustainable product. It truly acts as a foundation for all the other good things we put into our products.
  • Water (distilled)
    • Simple enough, at least for now.

So that's our list. If you have any comments or questions feel free to enter them below. We'd love to hear from you.

History of Sanitation

  • Before the 19th century people took dirt off their hands with soap, just because their mother’s told them.
  • Starting in the 19th century, a doctor found that sanitizing his hands in bleach saved the lives of many women in the maternity ward.
  • But it was tough on his skin, and his fellow doctors didn’t like it. So they defrocked him and drove him crazy.
  • Later in the 19th century, Pasteur discovered germs made people sick. Isn’t science great?
  • In the 20th century we figured out how to use alcohol as a sanitizer, even making it into a gel so that it was easy to apply. Still pretty tough on the skin. Soap is still around, but now we know it does just as good a job at killing germs.
  • Finally, during the first pandemic of the 21st century, we have invented the perfect combination for a sanitizer. It kills germs, just as good as alcohol, maybe even better. It acts as a lotion, getting absorbed into your skin making it smoother, more supple. It’s easy to apply as a foam, just as easy as any alcohol gel. And best yet, it’s natural, made of natural ingredients. The great secret is that it’s still soap, made using new technology. Just as good as the stuff our great-great-grandmother’s used, but more powerful, and good for your skin. Yes, we’ve reinvented sanitizing for the 21st century. So why clean yourself using last century’s sanitizer. Get on the future wagon today. If you have any doubts, check out this page because maybe you’ll trust the CDC and the WHO on what they say. Spoiler: the prefer soap to alcohol.