NEW Liberty-Foam™

All-natural ingredients, alcohol-free hand sanitizer, that’s also a lotion.

Protection you demand, with the smooth skin you deserve.

Hand Sanitizing Lotion for the 21st Century

• Alcohol-free (won’t dry out your hands like alcohol-based sanitizers do)
• Powerful moisturizer (your hands will look – and feel – softer after just a few days of daily use)
….. [ It feels sticky at first, but that’s the lotion adhering to your skin. It gets absorbed within seconds. ]
• Natural Musk scent (with a hint of patchouli)
• Gentle to your skin (you can even shave with it)
• No water required (leave it on or rinse it off after 20 seconds – your choice)
• Removes nasty grease and grime (mechanics love it)
• Economical (requires 1/2 to 1/8 of an alcohol rub)

Natural Ingredients include soybean oil, castor oil, coconut oil, and nutmeg oil. Lye is used to facilitate the saponification reaction, and all is consumed. Finally, borax (mined from the Earth) and distilled water (extracted from the air).

Powerful Sanitation is based on the same amphiphilic technology recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (USA) and the World Health Organization (UN). At least as powerful as any other alcohol based hand rub. Even more so if left on your hands for more than 20 seconds.