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Corporate News: Name Change for 1/2 gallon

We’re going to freshen the brand of Uncle Earl so that it better represents what is going on inside the bottle.

The new name will be Compound B, short for Butanoic or Butyric acid.

The phase strategy for this name change will be to change the labels on the bottles being shipped to WWG.

Here’s the text I’m thinking of including with a “letter” of some kind to be included with the product. I say “letter” because it may be more like a laminated post card or something fancy to act as an introduction. Who knows, perhaps it will include a coupon. Here’s the text:

  1. Hey there Buddy.
  2. Lots of you don’t care for the name Uncle Earl. So we’re dropping that from the product. Many people thought it sounded kind of creepy. That’s sad because Earl’s real and is quite the nice guy.
  3. Here’s some other things we’ve learned. First we have to start with what we meant to do. And that is that our product was designed to be a great natural soap that would rival the power of other industrial strength cleaners. We succeeded.
  4. What we didn’t realize (and so we learned) was that our soap was also good for your skin. There was something in it that skin liked. Skin absorbed that something. Skin healed. And customers noticed.
  5. We also learned that if you tell customers that your soap is good for them, it means you have to be a drug company. There’s more rules to follow, and you have to label your product accordingly. No problem.
  6. Finally, (for now) we think that the substance in our soap might be something called Butanoic acid, or Compound B for short. It’s a natural substance found in butter and other places. It turns out that its ridiculously good for us (see wikipedia for more), and if you’re reading this and do nothing else – please eat more butter.
  7. So we’re renaming our product to conform with drug labeling laws, and to better indicate what’s so good about it for you.
  8. So it’s the same great substance that cleans the deepest grit and grime from your skin. You can still use it for shaving, taking stains out of clothes, and lots of other things (check out these links)
  9. But our label is changing so it better reflects who we are, what the product is, and what it can do. It’s good for you, please use more.
  10. Best yet, if you want a great discount, you can use this code to get 25% off on other products in our store (not the one you’re getting from WWG bz we don’t want to tick them off and we sell it for a higher price in our store)
  11. Thanks from Team Earl
New label, as promised.
Here’s the old label.

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Corporate News: 1 ounce bottle labels

Good news everyone. Here’s the latest version of what is currently our hottest product seller, thanks to Max E. Thanks Max.

If anyone can see anything that could be improved, let me know quickly because I’m going to ask Dean K at Digital sign to generate about 30 each of the non-musk labels. Max has been selling these to his Lyft riders with some success. He also reports that lavender and lemon seem to be the best sellers.

The only one improvement I can see at this point is to shorten the last line about drug facts so that it reads:
Drug Facts at Liberty– but it’s not a big deal.

Thanks to Doug F out in fiery California with his sites: and
Also thanks to Rich E here in Ohio with his site: and

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Corporate News: 1oz bottles, musk & patchouli

Hi guys!

I’m thinking it’s going to be easier to keep us all updated using the blog on LF instead of trying to arrange conference calls or emailing you en masse or individually. Good stuff happening, and this way I can keep you in the loop simultaneously.

ME has ordered business cards (I’ll include a graphic later) and will start handing them out. They have a coupon code good for 50% off on orders of $30 or more. Don’t know how long we’ll let that hang, but let’s see if they work.

Also updated the picture on this site so that the bottle of LF shows its musky scent (with hints of patchouli). There’s people out there who love musky odors, and our stuff has it, naturally.

Thanks to ME, we’re working on selling the formerly 1 ounce sample bottles as pocket-sized sanitizer. He wondered how many drops were equal to a half-pump of the foam bottle, and I worked it out.

A one ounce bottle of Liberty-Foam (that doesn’t foam, oh well) can dispense little drops very easily. It takes me only 5 or 6 drops to cover my hands for 30 seconds, more than enough for great sanitizing. But if you want the same amount that you get from a half-pump of the 9 ounce foamer bottle? That comes to 15 to 20 drops. That coverage will handle anyone.

Here’s the crazy part. A one ounce bottle will contain around a hundred doses. Just to be on the safe side, let’s call it 80 doses. From one one-ounce bottle. That’s just as many doses you get from an EIGHT OUNCE bottle of alcohol gel. So our product is more powerful, concentrated, and costs less per dose. Wait. That’s what we’ve been saying all along.

First draft edition of the card. Final product has print on both sides.