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Make Extra Cash Selling Liberty-Foam as a Lyft Driver

IGPR LPP 201224

Max and I were arguing. He was the devil, and I was the angel. We were in a church, bargaining over someone’s soul.

He was trying to get rid of the soul, and I was doing my best to make sure he took it with him to Hell. We’re not sure how it turned out because Brandon entered as a priest and started digging a grave. Someone swiped and that was the end of the scene.

Improv is great fun, personally challenging, and an excellent way to meet new friends who are interested in creating emotional scenes, as well as learning to be better people.

Max is also a Lyft driver, and he was telling me about how he would chat up his rides. He talked about himself, his daughter, but mostly about Improv. Then the Pandemic came. And don’t you know it, sanitizer became a hot item.

Max knew I was a chemist and had this product that was good for the skin. He wondered if it would work for sanitizing as well. I thought about it. The answer was YES.

It turns out that our stuff (Liberty-Foam) is great at sanitizing your skin against all sorts of germs. In fact it’s at least as good as using alcohol products. And it’s cost effective as well.

This means that Max was able to start selling a two ounce bottle of Liberty-Foam for $7 to his rides. And that 2 ounce bottle has as many applications as 16 ounces of alcohol rubs. That’s because Liberty-Foam is 8x more concentrated.

It’s fun to think that goofing around in an Improv class led us to create a product that is better for your skin, keeps you protected, and is easier to carry around.

Thanks Max.

So we’re going to try something. If you’re a ride share driver, you can get a free sample of our 2 ounce Liberty-Foam (there’s four fragrances to choose from) to try for yourself, and to also try and sell to one of your rides. No obligation on your part. If you sell the bottle for $7 and don’t want to sell any more, you’ve made $7. But if you want to keep the cash coming, then give us a call, or contact Max.

Here’s Max in person talking about Liberty-Foam. We’d like to spread the word, and we’d like you to make some extra money in your hustle. And maybe we’ll all have some fun along the way. After all, isn’t that what Improv is all about?

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Scouting for Talent

baseball scouts

As a sales team member, you’re already part of a growing organization spreading the word about a wonderful new product. You can help us build our team.

Like any ball club, it’s important to keep our eyes open for new talent. And we want you to be our scout.

That’s right. If you know someone who looks like they will be a good fit for UE and Liberty-Foam, then talk to them about it.

It might be that they want to be an immediate member of your team. In that case you can add to the number of people who are not only spreading the word, but can also be helping you boost your income.

If you become a club manager (it doesn’t matter if you are in Triple A or Double A) we’ll give you a team name. Heck, you can help.

Then we’ll assign your new teammate a coupon code that they will hand out to their customers, just like you did starting out. Except here’s the difference. Every month we’ll look at their sales, and you will get an additional income from everything they’ve sold.

In addition, we’ll give you a one-time signing bonus as a scout. That’ll be a store credit of at least $100 towards all product. Which means whatever you sell will become 100% profit. By the way, you get this signing bonus whether or not the new person is on your team.

That’s all there is to it. Let us know if you have any questions.

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Recruiters Welcome

I worked as a recruiter long long ago. Before computers.

But I can still sympathize with your job, and appreciate some of the skills you bring to employers.

Here’s the deal. We need your help to grow. We’d love to bring good salespeople on board. But our business model is a typical multi-level-marketing setup. With a twist.

Everyone begins on the farm team, Triple A, just like in baseball. This includes you. Sorry.

If you want to work with us, we’ll figure out a mutually agreeable contract.

Then, when you find someone who works out for us, we’ll honor that contract.

The simple fact of life is that we can help each other. And working out the details ahead of time means that there are no surprises, and no hurt feelings.

Here’s the other stipulation. You also have to be a member of the farm team, at the very least. This means you have to try our product like everyone else. Seems fair, doesn’t it?

After all, if you don’t like our product (something we realize is out of the question) then how can you properly recruit for us?

Any questions? Please call Steve at 440.528.0680 or email me at Steve [ at ] uncle [ dash ] earls [ dot ] com.

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Open Letter to Natural Health Influencers

We’re believers in natural health, and we appreciate what you do.

As part of our commitment, we’d like to offer you our flagship product for your review. No strings.

Our entire story is on this site and on our sister site,

The short story is that we started out as an industrial company, but created some new technologies along the way.

The soap and sanitizing solution we sell here grew out of our knowledge of chemistry, biology, and working conditions in factories.

We didn’t start out wanting to make a great soap that was also a sanitizer and moisturizer. But over the past ten years our customers have told us that it’s what they enjoy most about our product.

If you have questions not answered here, feel free to email me at Steve at uncle dash earls dot com. I’ll get back to you, and if the fit feels right, we’ll send you a free sample of our Liberty-Foam™ for your review.

Thank you.

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Sales Opportunities with Liberty-Foam™

Sales Pitch Extraordinaire

We’re new and we’re growing.

We’re looking for people people who like to control their own lives.  Team up with us and you get flexibility, income, and the satisfaction of spreading the word about better health and beauty products. You get to set your own schedule, and only deal with people that you like.  You’ll be telling them about products that they already buy, and practically sell themselves.  All the products not only have ten years of proven effectiveness, but our company backs everything up with a month long money-back guarantee. Your next step is to contact us and show us some of that same enthusiasm your friends love about you.  If we like what we see, we’ll send you a special code allowing you to purchase a sample set of our Liberty-Foam for no charge.  You’ll only pay for shipping and handling.  If you don’t hear from us within a day, please try again because it may have gotten lost.  We promise to respond quickly, yes or no. The next step is up to you.  If your product impresses you, let us know and we’ll take you through basic training and admit you to the Triple A league.  You’ll use your samples to show your friends how good the product is.  When they buy it they’ll use your discount code and get a price break.  And you’ll get a hefty commission check every week. We are absolutely fine with people in any shape, physical challenge, even mental challenges.  In today’s crazy world, it’s normal to have some sort of mental challenge, isn’t it?  It doesn’t matter to us about your age, how you dress, even if you dress.  You could work all day in slippers and pajamas.  Really. We look forward to working with you. Regards, Steve at Liberty dash Foam dot com.

Online Ads

The ad you probably saw was different than most sales ads, because honesty is our policy.
  • You want to make some extra money?  Do you want to believe in the product you sell?  You want something that you can potentially sell to anybody and everybody?
  • If you enjoy talking to people, and if you enjoy telling your friends, family, and relatives about great new discoveries that you have made, then we have an opportunity for you.
  • We aren’t going to make you rich, you will make enough to enjoy yourself come the weekend without having to worry about busting your budget.
  • In return, you’ll being selling a great product.
  • You don’t have to take possession of the product, you don’t have to maintain inventory.
  • There’s an hour of training and that’s it.
  • There’s no boss breathing down your neck, except yourself.  If you can breath down your own neck we want to see that.
  • You choose your sales style as best suits you.
  • Our product is a new kind of hand sanitizer.  It’s all naturally, and has no alcohol.
  • You may already be buying this type of product every week for yourself and your family.  So do yourself a favor.  At the very least, by choosing one of the following programs, you are able to buy yourself a sample set for almost 80% off list price.  This can only be used once.  So even if you don’t join our program, you still end up with a great product that you and your family will enjoy.
  • Help us spread the word on a great product. We’ll take care of all the shipping and paperwork.  You’ll get your commission on a weekly basis.

Triple “A” League

In this sales position, you will go through our training materials (you have to do that for the above as well) and then you will receive a 4 pack of Liberty-Foam™ for only $15.  This is normally almost an $80 value.   It’s up to you to use those and sell those as you wish.  You can sell them directly to your family and friends, or even yourself.  But here’s the trick.  You use these samples to convince your family and friends to buy more Liberty-Foam directly from us.  How do you make money doing this?  Easy.  You also give them your own unique discount code.  This entitles them to by Liberty-Foam for 5% off the list price.  Wait.  How does that make you money for your efforts?  Easy.  Every week, we take a look at the sales made using your unique discount code.  And we directly transfer funds into your bank or credit card or paypal account for 40% of that amount.  That’s FORTY percent.  So if your friends buy $100 worth of Liberty-Foam™ (this doesn’t include shipping and handling) then you will get $40 transferred to your account. As with all good things, any and all of these terms are subject to change without notice.  You don’t have any recourse, and you’re a subcontractor anyway.  These are current as of [ date code ] and it’s on your head to stay current.  By accepting these subcontractor relationships, you are also formally explicitly acknowledging that you will follow all these terms, and all other terms that are incorporated here by association.

Double “A” League

You’ll get your first intro shipment at 1/2 price (any quantity you want up to 200 units or so) with the shipping on us. After that you’ll be buying set quantities and getting our products at a hefty 40% discount.  You’ll also only have to pay 60% of shipping and handling costs. If you want to resell these products to friends who sell them to their friends, you have the margin to start doing it. And if those friends ever get to the point where they need their own direct shipments, guess what?  We’ll give them their own discount codes and you’ll get 10% of their action.  How’s that for an incentive?