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Farmer’s Markets

farmers market

We love being in the market. There’s nothing better than fresh veggies and fruit and all the other good things found in a farmer’s market.

We love being being there as well. And so can you. We have an aggressive program for team members (AAA on up) where we will help cover up to half of your costs.

So if you know of one, go ahead and join the fun! We’re happy to help.

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Hello world!

We are making a new kind of soap, and a new kind of hand sanitizer.

It’s all natural, and it’s strong, and it can help keep you and yours healthy.

We know it works, well, because it’s soap.

Please feel free to ask us anything. Better yet, please try our latest product and let us know what you think. We have a money-back guarantee that you’ll be happy with the product within 21 days of getting it. It does not include shipping and handling.

For those of you who prefer a free sample first, we have an active program in place for people on the front lines of this pandemic. Please visit this other blog post for details. Some restrictions apply. It also doesn’t include shipping and handling.

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How to get a Free Sample of Liberty-Foam™

Hello there.  Thanks for checking out our program for getting a sample of our flagship product, Liberty-Foam™.
Here’s what we’re looking for.
First, you or someone you love has to be on the front lines of this pandemic.  If you are, we thank you directly.
If you know someone who is, then you can thank them for us.
Second, if that person might like to try something different regarding their hand health, consider getting them some of our Liberty-Foam.  This is an amphilphilic product that reduces germs on the skin very effectively.  You can use it three different ways: rub it into your skin, as a waterless cleaner, or as traditional soap.  You can even mix and match these methods.  It has several other great benefits.  It moisturizes your skin, and it’s made of all natural ingredients.
Third, contact us.  We need a picture of you or your loved one in their active setting, that’s all.  A first name wouldn’t hurt, and maybe even a closeup of their hands.
That’s all there is to it.  We’ll provide you with a special discount code that will get you a bottle for absolutely free.  Sorry, you’ll still have to cover shipping and handling, but it’s only a small amount.
Eventually we’ll get back to you and ask for your opinion.  What you say matters to us, and we’re listening.  We’re also very serious about knowing what you are contributing to our collective safety.
So, again,
Thank you so very much for everything you are doing for us during these trying times.
Respectfully, the team here at Uncle-Earls, the home of Liberty-Foam.