Corporate News: 1oz bottles, musk & patchouli

Hi guys!

I’m thinking it’s going to be easier to keep us all updated using the blog on LF instead of trying to arrange conference calls or emailing you en masse or individually. Good stuff happening, and this way I can keep you in the loop simultaneously.

ME has ordered business cards (I’ll include a graphic later) and will start handing them out. They have a coupon code good for 50% off on orders of $30 or more. Don’t know how long we’ll let that hang, but let’s see if they work.

Also updated the picture on this site so that the bottle of LF shows its musky scent (with hints of patchouli). There’s people out there who love musky odors, and our stuff has it, naturally.

Thanks to ME, we’re working on selling the formerly 1 ounce sample bottles as pocket-sized sanitizer. He wondered how many drops were equal to a half-pump of the foam bottle, and I worked it out.

A one ounce bottle of Liberty-Foam (that doesn’t foam, oh well) can dispense little drops very easily. It takes me only 5 or 6 drops to cover my hands for 30 seconds, more than enough for great sanitizing. But if you want the same amount that you get from a half-pump of the 9 ounce foamer bottle? That comes to 15 to 20 drops. That coverage will handle anyone.

Here’s the crazy part. A one ounce bottle will contain around a hundred doses. Just to be on the safe side, let’s call it 80 doses. From one one-ounce bottle. That’s just as many doses you get from an EIGHT OUNCE bottle of alcohol gel. So our product is more powerful, concentrated, and costs less per dose. Wait. That’s what we’ve been saying all along.

First draft edition of the card. Final product has print on both sides.
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