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Sales Opportunities

We’re New
We’re Growing

We’re looking for people people who like to control their own lives.  Team up with us and you get flexibility, income, and the satisfaction of spreading the word about better health and beauty products.

You get to set your own schedule, and only deal with people that you like.  You’ll be telling them about products that they already buy, and practically sell themselves.  All the products not only have ten years of proven effectiveness, but our company backs everything up with a month long money-back guarantee.

Contact us and show us some of that enthusiasm your friends love.  Once we’re convinced, we’ll send you a special code allowing you to purchase a sample set of our Liberty-Foam for no charge (less S&H), along with the standard money-back guarantee.  If you don’t hear from us within a day, try again because we’re staying pretty busy.  We promise to respond quickly, yes or no.

If you’re impressed, we’ll admit you to the Triple A league and start training.  You’ll use your samples to show your friends how good the product is.  When they buy it from you they’ll get a price break.  And you’ll get a commission every week.

Regards, Steve
at Liberty dash Foam dot com.

Be First

I’m Steve Davis, and I’ve invented a new kind of hand sanitizer.

Alcoholic sanitizers were invented a hundred years ago. They dry our skin and contains harmful chemicals. Welcome to the 21st century. I figured it was time for a sanitizer with all-natural ingredients.

A sanitizer that’s as powerful as alcohol. Maybe even more powerful. That costs less per use. Best of all? It’s good for your skin, because it’s a … HAND LOTION SANITIZER.

Get in on the ground floor of a product designed for a new age. It’s an all-natural hand sanitizer that’s also a lotion.

And we need people to help sell this in your area.

Be one of the first to join our team. Be the first to tell others about Liberty-Foam(tm) Liberty-Foam protects you from the coronavirus and other diseases.

Natural ingredients. Good for your skin. Costs less per use. Made in the USA.

You’re The Boss

You don’t need anyone breathing down your neck to get the job done.

We free you to make as much money as you want. It’s up to you.

You define your territory. Manage as many others as you want.

We’re prepared to set you up on a draw + commission, up to 50% on individual sales. We’ll split discounts you give for quantity orders. We’ll ship to your customers directly from our factory. You’ll get your commission every week. We’re a sales organization, and we’ve got your back. You need to be willing and able. We’ll supply everything else.

Equal Opportunities

We don’t care about your shape, orientation or personal challenge. Same with age, dress, and dozens of other ways people pigeonhole others. We care deeply about how well you do your job. That said, haters need not apply.