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Make Extra Cash Selling Liberty-Foam as a Lyft Driver

IGPR LPP 201224

Max and I were arguing. He was the devil, and I was the angel. We were in a church, bargaining over someone’s soul.

He was trying to get rid of the soul, and I was doing my best to make sure he took it with him to Hell. We’re not sure how it turned out because Brandon entered as a priest and started digging a grave. Someone swiped and that was the end of the scene.

Improv is great fun, personally challenging, and an excellent way to meet new friends who are interested in creating emotional scenes, as well as learning to be better people.

Max is also a Lyft driver, and he was telling me about how he would chat up his rides. He talked about himself, his daughter, but mostly about Improv. Then the Pandemic came. And don’t you know it, sanitizer became a hot item.

Max knew I was a chemist and had this product that was good for the skin. He wondered if it would work for sanitizing as well. I thought about it. The answer was YES.

It turns out that our stuff (Liberty-Foam) is great at sanitizing your skin against all sorts of germs. In fact it’s at least as good as using alcohol products. And it’s cost effective as well.

This means that Max was able to start selling a two ounce bottle of Liberty-Foam for $7 to his rides. And that 2 ounce bottle has as many applications as 16 ounces of alcohol rubs. That’s because Liberty-Foam is 8x more concentrated.

It’s fun to think that goofing around in an Improv class led us to create a product that is better for your skin, keeps you protected, and is easier to carry around.

Thanks Max.

So we’re going to try something. If you’re a ride share driver, you can get a free sample of our 2 ounce Liberty-Foam (there’s four fragrances to choose from) to try for yourself, and to also try and sell to one of your rides. No obligation on your part. If you sell the bottle for $7 and don’t want to sell any more, you’ve made $7. But if you want to keep the cash coming, then give us a call, or contact Max.

Here’s Max in person talking about Liberty-Foam. We’d like to spread the word, and we’d like you to make some extra money in your hustle. And maybe we’ll all have some fun along the way. After all, isn’t that what Improv is all about?

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