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Open Letter to Natural Health Influencers

We’re believers in natural health, and we appreciate what you do.

As part of our commitment, we’d like to offer you our flagship product for your review. No strings.

Our entire story is on this site and on our sister site,

The short story is that we started out as an industrial company, but created some new technologies along the way.

The soap and sanitizing solution we sell here grew out of our knowledge of chemistry, biology, and working conditions in factories.

We didn’t start out wanting to make a great soap that was also a sanitizer and moisturizer. But over the past ten years our customers have told us that it’s what they enjoy most about our product.

If you have questions not answered here, feel free to email me at Steve at uncle dash earls dot com. I’ll get back to you, and if the fit feels right, we’ll send you a free sample of our Liberty-Foam™ for your review.

Thank you.

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