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Recruiters Welcome

I worked as a recruiter long long ago. Before computers.

But I can still sympathize with your job, and appreciate some of the skills you bring to employers.

Here’s the deal. We need your help to grow. We’d love to bring good salespeople on board. But our business model is a typical multi-level-marketing setup. With a twist.

Everyone begins on the farm team, Triple A, just like in baseball. This includes you. Sorry.

If you want to work with us, we’ll figure out a mutually agreeable contract.

Then, when you find someone who works out for us, we’ll honor that contract.

The simple fact of life is that we can help each other. And working out the details ahead of time means that there are no surprises, and no hurt feelings.

Here’s the other stipulation. You also have to be a member of the farm team, at the very least. This means you have to try our product like everyone else. Seems fair, doesn’t it?

After all, if you don’t like our product (something we realize is out of the question) then how can you properly recruit for us?

Any questions? Please call Steve at 440.528.0680 or email me at Steve [ at ] uncle [ dash ] earls [ dot ] com.

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