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Scouting for Talent

baseball scouts

As a sales team member, you’re already part of a growing organization spreading the word about a wonderful new product. You can help us build our team.

Like any ball club, it’s important to keep our eyes open for new talent. And we want you to be our scout.

That’s right. If you know someone who looks like they will be a good fit for UE and Liberty-Foam, then talk to them about it.

It might be that they want to be an immediate member of your team. In that case you can add to the number of people who are not only spreading the word, but can also be helping you boost your income.

If you become a club manager (it doesn’t matter if you are in Triple A or Double A) we’ll give you a team name. Heck, you can help.

Then we’ll assign your new teammate a coupon code that they will hand out to their customers, just like you did starting out. Except here’s the difference. Every month we’ll look at their sales, and you will get an additional income from everything they’ve sold.

In addition, we’ll give you a one-time signing bonus as a scout. That’ll be a store credit of at least $100 towards all product. Which means whatever you sell will become 100% profit. By the way, you get this signing bonus whether or not the new person is on your team.

That’s all there is to it. Let us know if you have any questions.

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